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About Us

The question is asked, what is DECO-MARK. We are a company that is based on products that showcase images created

by our founder Cheryl Turner and associates. We specialize in fine art. In the fine art sector of our company, we market artwork

on various online galleries and local art shows. Our art is unique and upscale. Many that have seen our work responded positive.

In the graphic design sector, we create tangible goods to promote your business, team or organization. In addition,

our graphic design service is a great resource to fit into any occasion. Business cards and car mats are great tools to showcase your

company. Wearable goods like t shirts and jackets is a fantastic way to promote your organization or express your views. We are also

a great resource to design a host of items for your next event. We offer website design service tailored to fit your needs. As a company

of great integrity, we work hard to meet and exceed what is needful to meet your promotional goals while staying within budget.

We offer web design that is virtually affordable for anyone. We give you 30 full days to make sure your website meets your needs or we

will make any adjustments or a give you a refund, according to terms.


The vision of our company is to create a format where all can benefit by being a part of our team. We believe passion is what make life

exciting and earning fun. In our company, we structure in a way, you get to choose your niche, as a Team Member You choose what you

want to sell, how you want to sell, and schedule times you desire to work to build with us DECO-MARK LLC. There are also many assignments

where no selling is involved. A list is updated continually. We believe in keeping a great professional and family friendly atmosphere at all our


As always, there is no competition, within our company and all associate team members are always here to help each other. For our customers

we offer services and products both online and locally. Our vision is to market products with that hold the standards of quality and excellent.

Furthermore, we go the extra mile to assure to offer service that is always a cut above our competitors. We continue to update to keep our

company a good experience for our customer as well as our team menbers.

Mission Statement

Our goal Is to be known as a business that is like a happy family who works together to get the job done and offer customer service with quality

and excellence. A company where there are "no" traditional employees where they are divided in ranks. We believe that everyone plays a part to

make DECO-MARK LLC successful. Those who work in the office, general labor, and independent contractors are respected equally. Those who are

the manager, are simply there to keep things organized and run smoothly. All team members are independent contractors and work on their own

schedules. There are schedule events and the coordinators are on a committed voluntary basis. Furthermore, we want to do all we can to make sure

every customer has a great experience in our company. Locally or online, we strive to be a cut above our competition.

Wham Studio 24

16560 N Dysart Rd

Surprise, AZ 85378


Phone: 1 (480) 909-8343